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weather & climate
The island of Hvar is famous for its pleasant Mediterranean climate and the large number of sun hours - insolation is more than 2700 hours a year. A very mild mediterranean climate allows bathing from May to November, and for the braver even longer. Summers in Sucuraj are very dry, warm and long, summer winds maestral and tramontana ar refreshment during summer sunny days. Winters are mild and short, temperatures under 0°C are a rarity. In the winter there are a windy days (jugo - the south wind), (bura - the north wind) and there are rainy days, but snow can fall once in 20 years.
Thanks to this, vegetation around Sucuraj is thick and of Mediterranean character, with lots of eterical plants. It is common to find more than 20 various kinds of plants in a few square meters.

restaurants & gastronomy
There are 5 restaurants in Sucuraj offering variety of Hvar and Dalmatian cuisine, particulary fish specialities cought by local fishermans. For those who want to prepare food themselves, there is a choice of homegrown ecological vegetables, domestic wine, brandy, olive oil, a wide choice of fish, all can be bougth from local dealers. First class fish is daily available from our cousin and neighbour fisherman, available in your apartment fresh, or grilled at request. At our house you can also try our olive oil and sweet wine brandy called "prosek".

fish restaurant grill
10 km from Sucuraj on the road to Hvar there is a small village "Jerkovici", consisting of several old stone houses and a family restaurant - konoba "Bolat". The restaurant along with surroundings offers excellent food in unique atmosphere.
restaurant in old house wood and stone stone table
boat rental & excursions
There is a choice of a small motor boat to rent for 2, max 4 persons (2 adults and 2 children), or bigger motor boat for up to 8 persons. There is also an option to hire skipper with bigger boat to take you for an excursion in nearbye bays, and pick you up at agreed hour. There are also several big excursion boats in Sucuraj driving to different destinations on Dalmatian coast for a whole day excursion; Igrane, Zivogosce, Gradac, Trpanj. Grilled fish and wine are prepared and served on a boat. Direct one - day excursion from Sucuraj to Korcula island (town Korcula) is available.
excursion boat "Menula"
excursion boat "Hvar" grilled fish on the boat
If you are fishing fun, or you never had a chance to experience a sea fishing, here is the chance. Our cousin and neighbour is a proffesional fisherman, at summer time offering his fishing skills and knowledge to our guests. Depending on your agreement you can go day or night fishing, you can just watch, or fish for your self. At the end, the result will probably be the same; grilled fish with domestic olive oil, wine and vegetables. If you have children, this will most likely be an experience they will hardly forget.
catching fish
enough for dinner
bycicling & walking
Sucuraj offers great opportunity for bykers and pedestrians, because of its car-free natural environment. Visitors who come to Sucuraj usually park their cars and do not have a need to use it anymore (except for excursions to the island). Most of the riding & walking paths are near the sea, or trough olive groves and pine tree forests.
For the bykers in better shape we reccommend tour to auto-camp "Mlaska" 3.5km from Sucuraj.
Two mountain bykes are available for rent at our house.
vineyard near sucuraj
road around Sucuraj
road near the lighthouse view of the Dalmatian coast
mlaska bay
3.5 km from Sucuraj on the road to city of Hvar, there is an auto camp "Mlaska", with large sandy beach, where depth remains under 2m even 100m from the shore. Mlaska is one of the very few pure sandy beaches on island Hvar, a real joy to children (and adults). Camp hosts also offer rent of the boat, sailing, windsurfing, diving etc. Restaurant with Dalmatian cuisine specialities is part of the complex.
water sports
castle restaurant in Mlaska
excursions & sightseeing on island of Hvar
There are too meny natural and historical beautys, to describe in few words, that can be seen on the island of Hvar. The prestigues magazine "The Traveller" has chosen Hvar as one of the most beautiful islands in the world, mainly in category of arhictecture, history and culture and outstanding willage life.
list of honoured islands categorys
There is only one road leading from Sucuraj to rest of the island, which is not in perfect shape, but none complaints too much because it offers great views and smell of nature; you will be driving trough wineyards, lavander and rosemary fields, olive groves and pine trees. There are kilometres of ancient stone walls near the road. They were built through centuries by pulling stones out of the ground in attempt to gain some free ground for agriculture.
lavander fields beetwen old stone walls lavander dalmatian donkey near Zastrazisce village on the road to Hvar vineyard
A good choice to visit, if you are for the first time on the island, is city of Hvar. Capitol of island, a place where the oldest community theatre in Europe has been found back in 1612. Hvar has been celebrating a 130 years of organised tourism, recognised by young population for its famous night life, and older who are more fun of its arhictectural beauty and cultural events.
city of hvar old stone houses hvar panorama "pakleni" islands near hvar
excursions to island Brac, island Korcula and Dubrovnik
The visitor of Sucuraj who likes to travel can take advantage of Sucuraj's geografic location, since Sucuraj is located between four top Croatian tourist destinations, which can be reached within few hours or less. This destinations are: city of Hvar, Bol (island Brac), Korcula (island Korcula), and Dubrovnik (see map). Bol is known for its famous natural "Golden Cape" beach. It takes about 50 min drive from Sucuraj to Jelsa on island Hvar, and then another 45 min by boat to come to Bol. Also, it takes about 1.5 hours drive from Drvenik to Dubrovnik, a city-monument protected by UNESCO. Korcula can be easily reached (without car) by taking ferry Sucuraj - Drvenik, and then ferry Drvenik - Korcula. All mentioned places can be visited for a daily trip, please contact us for further info.
Golden Cape beach
Golden Cape beach Bol samostan
Square and street "Stradun" in Dubrovnik walls

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